Preparing an exhibition in Aabenraa
4. April 2019
The island Kalvø
19. Mai 2019

I heard her, long before I saw her. Her call uuhhuuu..

I loved it.

I heard it in the early morning and in the late evening.

I could not believe, it was an owl call until I saw her.

She sat on the fire near our little guest house in the garden. Down, where I sat, it was already shady because the sun was going down. but up in the fire tree still was sun. There she sat. A brown owl. I wore no glasses, but I saw her eyes looking at me. So beautiful!

The next day in the evening I went to the same place again. After weeks of listening to her call, I was so excited to see her again. And there she was.

This time I had my field glasses with me and looked through them. And she looked back.

I just could not get enough of to see her. So wonderful.


She flew away.

I think she got afraid. I had not thought of how it will look for her, when I look through my field glasses. At the back the glasses are orange.

She disappeared and did not come back!

I was so sad. I chased her off. I felt so sorry, so very sorry. That was not my goal to chase her away.

And from that day I missed that call in the morning and evening time.

Two weeks later I visited my daughter Trine. She lives near the north sea, 60 km away from my home, and she took me for a walk in a wildlife sanctuary.

It was bewitched there, as if all the spirits of nature feel home there. We came to a forest it looked like magic.

I made a prayer and asked the owl to forgive me.

And then we went into the forest.

So wonderful and wild.

Believe it or not, behind a tree I found an owl feather. A sign. I was so happy. Lateron we found two castings of an owl. So exciting.

I am thankful. And back home I want to install an owl nesting box. So if she returned, I ask her to stay.

This was my adventure with the brown owl.

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