The house is dancing again
9. Oktober 2019
The lake beside „The Knapp“
8. Dezember 2019

Here you can watch a children book in progress.

I amusing a little Harmonika Sketchbook:

I want to do a little story about some pumpkins I found at the beach…


I wondered how they came there and hear a little tale about it, that inspired me to draw this little fairy tale.

And this is the first image in it, I drew today:

It is the „Etablissement Knapp“, a great, traditional and well known restaurant and hotel in Løjtland, Denmark . A wonderful place with a long history, filled with stories of far travelled seamen, wonderful feasts and balls, birthdays, christenings, confirmations , marriages, funerals, dance schools , and even pirates.

But I will not talk about this.

Beside so many guests over centuries, different owners and stuff members, there is a folk living, that has stayed there over the centuries.

It is the Nisses. Nisses are little people.

Have you heard about them? Nis Puk is a famous one of this family. The Nisses live at every house here in Scandinavia. They are wearing a red „Nisse hue“, a jelly bag cap.

Can you find, wehre the Nisse is hidden on this image???


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