Dat danzende Huus – the dancing house 2012
10. Juni 2019
Golden Balls for the „dancing house“
31. Juli 2019

This is the dancing house in Bredstedt!

It is a project I did in 2011/ 2012. It is a wonderful story. Not only a story of how a house in a little town in the north of Germany could be so colorful.

It is also a lovestory.

The owner of the house were two men, Gerhard and Bernd. Downstairs in the house is a bicycle shop and I knew the man, who repaired and sells bicycles there. That time we talked about art and I told him, that I would love to paint a whole house in a colorful way - just as Hundertwasser did it.

He sendt me to Gerhard and Bernd and they gave me the job to develop a design for the house. I worked out two designs and they decided to take this one:

I draw the design on to the house and together with a friend, Darryl, we painted the house in a colorful way, it was fun and joy to do such a job!

On the photo you see one of the owners, Gerhard, and his son Lennard, going to install the golden ball, the will be installed on the roof of the house.

The "dancing house"  developed to be a magnet for the public and touristic tours.

And: Gerhard and I are married today!

What a house, what a history!

Now, after 7 years, the color is faded out and at some parts of the house the color came down.

And: I bought half of the house!

So, now Gerhard an I are the owners of the house and we decided to redo it!

Watch, how things develop:

The dancing house: starting renovation

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