1. Februar 2020

little folks in the rainwater downpipe

Imagining This is the way how I drew in my childhood! Telling stories of my imagination, loosing time, just enjoying to draw… That happened again today: […]
2. Februar 2020

mother and child birds

Two birds having a good time together. Two mother-child paintings developed last night. Makes me think of my dear children. It is wonderful to have children […]
3. Februar 2020

Can´t you see the witch..???

Do you remember „the witch“ from „The Rattles“?? Here she is: The Witch!   Heres you find the song: https://youtu.be/h6B4YpjUEds    
5. Februar 2020

The crows, Kraghs, Krähen

I like the crows. A murder of crows with their „caw-caw“ are flying by, when I walk down to the shore. Their song is always near, […]
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