Im Zoo/ In the zoo
15. Juli 2018
Berta and the seasheep part 2
20. Juli 2018

nordmann ART gallery on tour…


In June 2018 we are going to visit friends in Ulm.

A stop at a rest area do I use for a small sketch: Trucks and a garbage can, an ordinary theme, sometimes something like that gives a good painting.

Here we are in Ulm at the river Donau.

The old part of Ulm is lovely and invites for some scetches:

Here you see me sitting at a creek in the middle of old Ulm.

and this is, what I am looking at:

inbetween Gerhard takes a funny photo of me:

The little bird, a „Spatz“ (a sparrow)  is the sign of Ulm.

We make a break in a nice little cafe, two fast small potraits of guest are fun to do:

At the evening we meet in a „Biergarten“ with our family and friends in Ulm.

I am showing my sketches of the town and a friends orders a painting.

The next day we buy a fitting canvas and move to the favorite place of my friend at the Donau.

Here  I work plain air:

What a wonderful day to do such a work!

The friend is happy with the process and so am I.

Back home I finish my work.

Look, here it is:




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