The island Kalvø
19. Mai 2019
Dat danzende Huus – the dancing house 2012
10. Juni 2019

Beside working, painting, drawing party is also something necessary in life!


Dancing, drinking, smoking, loud music? Maybe. But what I mean while saying party is: to have relaxed time with friends, of course music for me is a very important part, music for dancing, live concerts. different styles… just music

Last week was the week of Folk Baltica . Gerhard got two vestival passes for the festival as a birthday present – and he invited me to join him :)! In this way we had free entrance to all concerts. It was great. It was marvellous!  Concerts on a very high quality level on both sides of the german-danish border. Concerts for a big auditorium in the Alsion on the island Als/Denmark, in the congress center CCH in Husum/ Germany, but also in small locations and churches.

On the last day we where in the monastery of Schleswig/Germany. There the polish band „Volosi“ gave a concert that was so great, we will never forget it: the magnificent sound, the artistically play on the stringed instruments and because I had the chance to make a fast sketch of the band from above:

Music relaxes. Music inspires.

For me Musik is food for my intuition, I just need it if I want to do good paintings. Music is food for a creative brain.

When my mind is stressed out or frustrated, as it was yesterday, a little party sure will help.

And there was this salon night at Norder147  in Flensburg.

A creative and very special place in Flensburg/Germany. Dany Heck is the inspiring person, who created this workshop. Dany is art teacher and I join her great nude drawing courses. This are some of my works, done in here workshop.

But Dany is not only an art teacher. She is artist an all levels and so are the rooms of her workshop look very artistically. And Dany invites the art fo feel home. She creates meetings, shows films and makes parties like this Salon night, where different people, artists and non artists, meet, and have a wonderful time with music and drinks, food for body and soul.

Dany at the bar:

The place is inspiring, like she is. And not only artists are meeting there. Yesterday we met Felix and Axel there.

Gerhard and Axel

Felix, the potter:

Felix is a potter from the Weserbergland. Felix and his son Axel are on a little 4-days-men-journey into the north of Germany and the south of Denmark to find new inspiration for themselves and for the pottery and their B&B that needs new ideas.

They came to the Norder147 by accident and it was very interesting to meet them and listen to their story.


By the way we met Lorenz Drews, who is founder of Digital Media Design Lorenz Drews in Flensburg.

He also is doing dance courses in Flensburg. You see him on the photo in the red shirt. (Sorry for the bad photo quality).

He told us about his work as web designer and in a few minutes we all learned a lot! Thanks to Lorenz, he knows a lot about building websites, he is doing that for over 20 years and I like to recommend him, if you are looking for someone, who helps you with your web presence.

That was a good night with music, inspiration  and new friends.

Stress and frustration are over. I am motivated again.


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