7. Februar 2020
three green birds
10. Februar 2020

I love my little ink-birds and can’t stop drawing them.

Those birds here express just what I am thinking (how would they know ;D). We planned a journey to Canada. We wanted to go by a freight ship from Hamburg to Halifax in May.

But we have to stay home – because Gerhard has so much to do.

And this is just great! Do you believe that? Some of you might know how much I love to travel!!

But we had a lot of thinking and planning – we did not want to take the airplane because of climate. We did not want to rent a big caravan – off course of the same thought! We had already booked, and wanted to take a small camper with us (that onset need so much fuel). To make all those plans and think about it deeply was a good exercise – maybe for next year.

But to decide to stay home is just great! We save money, we can be relaxed with all our other plans, and we have one year of pleasant anticipation.

So let the birds fly – we stay at home and enjoy!

And, by the way: it’s the best for climate!!

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