Spaziergang am Strand
15. Juli 2018
Sketching and painting in Ulm/ Donau.
15. Juli 2018

We are visiting a zoo

I had read a sketching tutorial and the author promoted to go into the zoo, to do some sketching exercises. Here we are, the whole family. My daughter feeds the animals and loves to watch them.

And there is a lot to see:

Der „Mähnenspriger“ I think it is a sort of a goat.

The „Berberaffe“, a monkey. Seeing him I got aware again, that I am so sorry for this animals to be in the zoo. Very sorry. What do we do with our relatives?

I wanted to do some sketches, as told, I had forgotten about, how it feels to see this prisoned animals. How stupid! Now I decide I will never go to the zoo again! And: if I ever write a book about sketching, I will recommend only to draw in wild nature!

But now I am here and take the chance.

the maximum joy for is to sketch the rooks (Saatkrähe). they are free and funny! They are, like me, only visitors.

The beautiful peacock is a blaze of color! and so beatiful with this feathers on the head.

And see the camel. And the prairie dogs I met in the badlands of soth Dakota. Here they are. I would love to bring them home.

A colorful bird again – you see, I wrote down the colors on the painting and colored it at home:

And  at least a flamingo. I painted them earlier in France – in Freedom!

We want to be free. Let our relatives be free too.

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