Mein Engagement für die Windenergie
20. Februar 2018

This was an important project in 2015: the order was to design the look of a Breezer aircraft machine.

The vision was:  the combination of the dream of flying with the desire for color.

My wish was to let it be like a big eagle, an fire eagel.

And the dream came true.

But let’s start at the beginning:

This is a „naked“ machine:

I did the planning at my mac, taking one of my artworks for the background.

On it I wanted the form of the eagle – done in the way the native people from the Canadian west coast do it.

The design was printed on plastic film and so the airplane was covered with it:

Here you see the fire eagle:

And in April 2015 the new designed Breezer Aircraft is shown on the international fair „Aero 2015“ in Friedrichshafen/Bodensee

Impression form the bird – flying:

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