mother and child birds
2. Februar 2020
Can´t you see the witch..???
3. Februar 2020

I love to illustrate recipes.

Last night I entered my first art contest.

It was the last day (as always..) and I worked until midnight on it. The theme is „BEANS AROUND THE WORLD“, it is on „they draw and cook“ it is sponsored by the U.S. Dry Bean Council.

The goal was to draw something around beans. A recipe or something about the health benefitIt of eating beans.

I did my favorite recipe „bean cuisine“.

If you like, you can give it a „heart“ – but that has nothing to do with who will be the winner.

I think for me it was already a benefit to take part – so much fun!


If you like, have a look and see my recipe on „They draw and cook“.


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