18. Februar 2020

art show/ exhibition coming soon

ART show/Exhibition coming soon: Exhibition with my birds at Optik Hallmann, Søndergade 6, 6200 Aabenraa. Don’t miss it! If you live in Denmark or Germany near […]
13. Februar 2020

Feeding time

Everyday I feed the birds in the birdhouse in front of our house. Watching them is real joy! Inspired of them this motive came to me: […]
13. Februar 2020

recipes in variation

   I am working for one publication per month of a raw vegan recipe in our newspaper „Der Nordschleswiger“. This is a good chance to work […]
11. Februar 2020

green tea

  Do you know how healthy green tea is? If you would, you would stop drinking coffee, wine, beer, coke, whatever you drink normally and replace […]
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