11. Dezember 2019

Nisse Luzi and the pumpkin

  What is Luzi Nisse, the joker, intending to do? You might think you know, but I say: you don’t! Maybe you get an idea tomorrow…
10. Dezember 2019

Nisse Luzi

  I told you earlier: In our region every house has its own Nisse. Nisse are little people, who live mostly unseen in our houses, somewhere […]
9. Dezember 2019

Pumpkins and the little creek

  If you turn around, you see the old watermill, where the water from the lake runs down into the „Å“, the little creek. The Knapp […]
8. Dezember 2019

The lake beside „The Knapp“

  Beside the „Knapp“ is that wonderful lake, where geese are swimming, sometimes swans. The little pavilion can tell stories of rendezvous, proposals of marriages,  small […]
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